Chapter 24



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(Ruth 2:13,14)  [Review: the oral exegesis of these two verses is located at http://www.tabernacleofmoses.org  and was delivered on 10-14-07 entitled: “Ask, seek, knock, and ye shall find; eat of the bread, and dip thy morsel in the vinegar.” ////  [THE PRAYER] Then she [Ruth, now a type of newly converted Gentile believer, a type of us] said, Let me find favour in thy sight, my lord; for that thou hast comforted me, and for that thou hast spoken friendly unto thine [(ownership) Gentile] handmaid, though I be not like unto one of thine [(ownership) Hebrew] handmaidens. [THE BLESSING] And Boaz [a type of Jesus Christ] said unto her [Boaz responded to her prayerful request to “Let me find favour” by granting Ruth’s prayer and giving her “favour” over all unsaved peoples by teaching her how to receive a revelation from God, as follows:], At mealtime [when you are hungry, in need] come thou hither [to me], and eat of the bread [of the Word of God], and dip thy morsel [(broken off) bit (piece)] in the vinegar [of the Holy Spirit, for illumination]. //// [LATER… AT MEALTIME]  And she sat beside the reapers [“in the house” Ruth 2:7, also indicating equality in status]: and he [Boaz, Jesus Christ] reached her parched corn [uncrushed seed of the Old Testament], and she did eat, and was sufficed [satisfied, full], and left.

(Ruth 2:15)  [Review: the oral exegesis of this verse is located at www.tabernacleofmoses.org and was delivered on 10-21-07 entitled: “Ruth is risen up”]  //// And when she was risen up [i.e. drawn up by God, a type of rapture] to glean [(harvest)], Boaz commanded his young men [angels], saying, Let her glean even among the sheaves [bundles], and reproach her not:

(Ruth 2:16)  And let fall [to the ground] also some of the handfuls [of barley stalks cut off, reaped and separated from the world by the angels] of purpose for her, and leave them, that she may glean them [pick them up (harvest them)], and rebuke her not. (Ruth 2:17,18)  So she gleaned in the field until even, and beat out that she had gleaned: and it was about an ephah of barley. And she took it up, and went into the city: and her mother in law saw what she had gleaned: and she brought forth, and gave to her that she had reserved after she was sufficed.

1.       Commentary: Barley stalks represent Old Testament believers; wheat stalks represent New Testament believers. We only see Ruth active in the barley harvest (her present), but the wheat harvest (her future) is prophesied in Ruth 2:23.

a.       (Ruth 2:23)  So she kept fast by the maidens of Boaz to glean unto the end of barley harvest [that we do see her active in] and of wheat harvest [that we do not see her active in]; and dwelt with her mother in law [Naomi the Hebrew evangelist who brought Ruth to Bethlehem, i.e. her salvation].

2.       Commentary: “some of the handfuls” = Boaz (Jesus Christ) said to his reapers (“the reapers are the angels” Mat 13:39), let fall to the ground on purpose some of the barley stalks that you have cut off, reaped and separated from the world (dead), so that Ruth the Gentile evangelist (a type of all Gentile believers; compared to Naomi the evangelist who is a type of all Hebrew believers – Who wrote the Bible? Aren’t they all evangelists?) may pick them up, in that sense, resurrect them from the dead.

a.       (John 12:24)  Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn [a kernel] of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth [an “action” phrase] [IN IT'S RESURRECTION] much fruit.

b.       (John 15:8)  Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.

c.       (Mark 16:15)  And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world [Gk: cosmos, universe], and preach the gospel [the fruit of Jesus Christ] to every creature.

3.       Commentary: After we have become born-again, the fruit that we bring forth during the remainder of our temporary lifespan is but a thin type and shadow of the fruit that we shall bring forth in our next eternal life. Having all eternity to preach “the everlasting gospel” (Rev 14:6) of Jesus Christ provides many many more opportunities to win the souls of lost creatures to Christ than having on average of 75 years or less. It is then, after our complete resurrection, our maturation into the fullness of the mind of Christ, that we shall eternally be everlasting preachers preaching the everlasting gospel, just like Jesus Christ.

a.       (1 John 3:2)  Beloved, now are we the sons [teknon; children] of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he [Jesus Christ] shall appear [at His Second Coming], we shall be like him [isn’t Jesus Christ an everlasting preacher of the everlasting gospel?]; for we shall see him as he is [He is the Tree of Life in the Garden]. 

(Prov 11:30)  The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.

1.       Commentary: “The seed is the word of God.” (Luke 8:11). “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Gal 6:7). If we sow the Word of God, we shall reap the Word of God. The fruit of the Tree of Life is the Word of God (Jesus Christ: John 1:14). Proverbs 11:30 may be amplified to more clearly read: “The [eternal] fruit of the righteous [i.e. the Gospel of Jesus Christ] is a [an eternal] tree of [eternal] life; [APPLICATION] and he that winneth souls is wise.” What kind of tree is the tree of life? It is an eternal tree. What kind of life is the tree of life? It is an eternal life. What kind of fruit does the tree of life bear? It is an eternal fruit, an “everlasting gospel.” It is an eternal tree that bears eternal fruit that gives eternal life.

2.       Commentary: We died in Christ and were born-again, effectively, at exactly the same moment. The transformation process that we are now experiencing is the process of our resurrection. We died in (with) Christ and are now being resurrected. We are caterpillars hanging in a cocoon irrevocably (syn: irreversibly, permanently, for all time, forever) attached to the Tree of Life, soon to emerge as beautiful butterflies… and fly away.


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