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(July newsletter finished 07-08-21)

Ahhh, what shall we say? Well, the newest shocking news is that the United States Pentagon (our national military headquarters) has finally admitted to the public in an eleven page typewritten declaration that UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects, are not at all imaginary, they really do exist! Surprise surprise, (as Gomer Pyle would say), but not to me because in the year 1961, in the cloudless sky of night from 10:04 pm to 10:30 pm, I and about five thousand other U.S. Air Force service men clearly saw (it was the only thing in the entire sky) a very large softly glowing golden colored flying saucer about 200 yards in diameter, two football fields across, perhaps larger, silently hovering over our Air Force base in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia for about 25 minutes. During that time, I was pulling my assigned shift as the official Air Force Weather Observer sitting alone in a brightly lit elevated tower located a bit out from the base in the middle of the dark runway recording all of my weather observations which included making a written notation of anything in the sky. 


Early the next morning I was summoned into my mission commander’s office, a Major. He was accompanied by two other non-commissioned soldiers. There was no de-briefing,” probably because they had seen the UFO themselves, and without any discussion, the Major immediately commanded me to erase my penciled observations and my attesting signature (initials) of the UFO sighting from the record sheet (called a WBAN), several times. I refused, several times. He then took a pencil, erased my UFO observations and signature, and replaced them with a penciled in “clear” sky, signed his attesting signature (initials), and dismissed me. And I never heard mention of the incident again. However, the Air Force Project Blue Book program, an accumulation and cover-up of UFO sightings which commenced operations in 1947 with the “Roswell, New Mexico” incident, was in effect at that time (1961), and perhaps my original observation was forwarded to them for inclusion in their Project information, I’ll never know. However, a few other very interesting things did happen during that 26 minute observation period that were never recorded, and shall soon be revealed, perhaps in the immediate future. Yep, they really do exist. And how does that UFO existence mesh-up with, i.e., integrate with the Bible?? Well, I am working (thinking, meditating) on that, little by little, as the Lord leads. But something BIG is about to happen, else the government would not now have verified the existence of UFOs.



(finished 07-17-21)

A few weeks ago, the United States Pentagon (our national military headquarters) finally admitted to the public that UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects, are not imaginary, they really do exist! However, after approximately 74 years of secretive study (1947-2021), the Pentagon did not say much more about them than the admission of their actual existence. Historically, in July of 1947 a smouldering public interest in “flying saucers” was first kindled by the Roswell, New Mexico “incident” wherein the Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release stating that they had recovered “a flying disc” from a ranch near Roswell. The Army quickly retracted that statement and said instead that the crashed object was a conventional weather balloon. This “incident” and the panicked public clamor immediately following the original news release was the probable stimulus for the creation of the Project Blue Book program by the United States Air Force, a program that was designed to cover up from the public, misdirect, dismiss, and otherwise effectively negate from the consideration of our conscious minds all thoughts of past and future UFO sightings.


Ramifications: just a few years later, during 1950, several persons in Hollywood collaborated to create a science-fiction film screenplay that was script finished in February of 1951. The shooting was then scheduled, and production of the film was completed in May of 1951, the result being a science-fiction genre film entitled “The Day The Earth Stood Still” produced and directed for public consumption 3 years after the Roswell “incident.” Notably, the film was created while ripples of the explosive Roswell “incident” were still active, alive and well in their minds. This film then, is a psychological projection of the in-common patterns of collective unconscious archetypes unknowingly harbored in the minds of the creating collaborators. The metaphor (the spiritual message) of Jesus Christ should become reasonably apparent to anyone acquainted with the Bible. The film may even be… prophetic. What then?


Please relax and enjoy this film as you would any interesting fictional parable being presented to you for your entertainment, and knowingly allow your self to be drawn in, immersed into the film as if it were a living reality. As an aide to your comprehension of the inherent biblical metaphors (references) throughout the film (often subtilely suggested), may we say in advance that the two primary archetypical metaphors are Klaatu who represents Jesus Christ and (the robotic) Gort who represents the Holy Spirit. May we also add evidentially that Klaatu’s adopted human surname name is “Carpenter.”


There are many blessings, much fruit to be gleaned around Father God’s “collective unconscious archetypes” in the Bible. One example pattern in particular is in our common speech called the tabernacle of Moses, but never that appellation in the printed KJV Bible. Significantly, that particular collective unconscious archetype is only once properly named in the entire Bible, and then as “the tabernacle of God” (Rev 21:3). The Lord willing, we shall continue in Grace to study those archetypical relationships and their existence in the Bible. Thank you for your attention. God bless you.


And now, may we present for your edification a manifestation of collective unconscious archetypes, the film… “The Day The Earth Stood Still.”


Rev. Lionel