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Gideon is a narrative that perfectly portrays, in graduating levels of understanding, commencing at the conclusion of the Great Tribulation (Jud 6:1-6), an individual coming to Christ (Jud 6:12-24), the formation of the Church (Jud 6:34,35), God's separation of the saved from the unsaved (Jud 7:3 - separation of the wheat from the tares), testing the saved for spiritual discernment (Jud 7:5,6 - separation of the shepherds from the sheep), the Second Coming (an encompassing concept) of Jesus Christ (Jud 7:19-21 - judgmental warfare), and end-time eschatology (Jud 7:22-25 - we win). The narrative of Gideon is quite detailed (specific) when compared to the parallel narrative of David and Goliath (1 Sam 17) which presents a much bigger picture with broad revelations. In fact, the narrative of David and Goliath encompasses the narrative of Gideon. 

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© 2003 - 2010 by Rev. Lionel Cabral

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