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2010 by Rev. Lionel Cabral

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Table Of Contents Gideon - Table Of Contents

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  1. Naomi, The "Pleasant" Evangelist  
  2. Bottoming Out...  
  3. Returning To God In Agapao Love
  4. Agapao Love Is The Vital Signature Of Eternal Salvation
  5. A New Thing In The Earth
  6. The Parable Of The Tares Of The Field: A Fulfilling Prophecy
  7. Attempting To Escape The Great Tribulation
  8. Question: Who Is This Mighty Man Of Valour?
  9. And When I Called You, Ye Delivered Me Not Out Of Their Hands
  10. Gleaning, Gleaning, Oh How Beautiful Are The Fields Of The Lord
  11. Hypothesis: The Field Of Boaz Is The Bible
  12. Ruth Comes To Church (but she's not saved yet)
  13. Ruth "Meets" Boaz (Ruth gets saved, i.e. engaged to be married)
  14. We Are Standing In The Doorway Of The Universe
  15. A Celebration Of The Greatness Of God's Creation As A Reflection Of God
  16. The River Of Life... And The Tree Of Life
  17. Ruth Is Gathered Under His Wings
  18. Ask, Seek, Knock, And Ye Shall Find - Eat Of The Bread, And Dip Thy Morsel In The Vinegar
  19. Ruth Is Risen Up
  20. What Did Jesus Teach The People?
  21. Forgiven Or Not Forgiven? How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?
  22. Soldiers Of God, Mighty Warriors Of God: Sit, Stand, Run
  23. We Are A Type And Shadow Of God
  24. We Are Now Being Resurrected From The Dead
  25. The Gleaner Becomes The Harvester
  26. Tribulation
  27. Mary And Martha, (friends and servants)
  28. Shepherds, Wise Men, And Kings
  29. Tribulation (Pregnancy); Great Tribulation ( Birth Pangs); Birth Of The Man Child (Saviours)
  30. The Pattern Of Future Events In Microcosm: Seed and Bread; Alpha and Omega
  31. You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone!
  32. Lessons Of Love In Genesis
  33. The Parable Of The Sower
  34. Spiritual Warfare 101: Know Whom You Are Fighting .... [A MUST HEAR]
  35. The Fruit (Words) Of God Are Pure, And The Fruit (Words) Of Men Are Mingled
  36. Service In Our Lord's Vineyard
  37. In The Image Of God
  38. Words Are Containers For Thoughts: Spirits are Thoughts
  39. I See Men As Trees: The Tree Of Life And The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil
  40. Love And Betrayal
  41. We Are Being Internally Transformed From A Den Of Thieves Into The House Of Prayer
  42. Blood And Water
  43. Go And Bring Forth Fruit
  44. The Healing Of The Lame Man
  45. Passover(s)
  46. The Castaway Mind, Full Of Evil Thoughts (Fallen Angels, Demons)
  47. Put On The Armour Of Light


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2007-2010 by Rev. Lionel Cabral

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