Prophecy of the Great Tribulation

 02-22-15  The Time Segment of "Three Years and Six Months”

 03-01-15  Further Illumination on the Beginning of the Great Tribulation

 03-08-15  Ending with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

 03-15-15  The High Road and the Low Road

 03-22-15  Types and Shadows of Today and the Near Future

 03-29-15  Two Levels of God's Famine: Physical and Spritual

 04-05-15  He is Risen

 04-12-15  The End of the Great Tribulation

 04-19-15  The Seed is the Word of God, the Bible; the Seed is You

 04-26-15  Preparing to Meet the Lord in the Air

 05-03-15  The Sign of Thy Coming and of the End of the World

 05-10-15  An Introduction to the Great Tribulation

 05-17-15  The Doom of New York City by Nuclear War (Prophecy)

 05-24-15  The Antichrist is Here

Biblical Prophecy in the Light of Present Reality

 06-7-15  The Day of the LORD signifies...

Is not My Word like as fire? Saith The LORD

 06-21-15  Because thou hast obeyed my Voice (a Father's Day message)

 06-28-15  Let us eat of the Tree of Life

 07-05-15  Elijah is progressively fed by raven, the widow woman and an Angel

 07-12-15  Jezebel is Coming...

 07-19-15  Peacemakers

 07-26-15  WARNING: Hazardous to the Natural Man

 08-02-15  The Tabernacle of Moses is the Body of Christ

 08-09-15  The Tabernacle is a Description of God's Love toward us

 08-16-15  Judgement Must Begin at the House of God

 08-23-15  Get Power with God (become less)

 08-30-15  Make Peace with the Cosmos (Peace with God)

 09-06-15  But Say in a Word (A Study of Angels)

 09-13-15  Awake, Awake...but while men slept

 09-20-15  The Raven and the Dove (and, of course, the Giants)

 09-27-15  Gomorrha (One World Government) Shall "Make Merchandise" of You

 10-04-15  History Repeats Itself...and We Call That Repitition Types and Shadows

 10-11-15  Prophecy: Entering the Millenium

 10-18-15  Our Universe as God would have it

 10-25-15  He that eateth of the Bread shall Live Forever

 11-01-15  If you want to be Saved, or others Saved, You've got to plant the Seed and God will give the increase

 11-08-15  You are now in an army of God... bootcamp

 11-15-15  Prophecy: Jericho (the moon) is fallen

 11-22-15  Prophecy: Muslims Will Dominate the United States for 7 Years

 12-06-15  The Sons of God are about to be Revealed
 12-13-15  The Three Baptisms of Salvation

 12-20-15  The "Sign" of the Lord Jesus
 12-27-15  Is your name written in the Book of Life?
 01-03-16  The fruit of the Seed; the rhema of the Glory
 01-10-16  Watch for the Day of the Lord: coming soon at your local...
 01-17-16  The 9 pillars (parables) of the Spirit
 01-24-16  Cover every creature with Love
 01-31-16  Understanding the core parable in the bible
 02-07-16  We are being caught up (Glorified) unto the mount of Transfiguration
 02-14-16  Valentine's Day message: Fill them with My Love: a wedding
 02-21-16  We are the People of His Pasture, and the Sheep of His Hand
 02-28-16  Lord, pluck the strings of my heart with music of Love
 03-06-16  Watch, be vigilant and sober, the Son of Man cometh
 03-13-16  How we came to be mingled Fruit
 03-20-16  Plundering cometh quickly, then Glory
 03-27-16  The Arm of the Lord revealed
 04-03-16  The blessed of the Lord, and their offspring with them
 04-10-16  The Rapture prophesies of Isaiah and Jeremiah
 04-17-16  Seeing victory through "The Hand" of God
 04-24-16  Father God is testing you now
 05-01-16  Glory and exceeding Joy
 05-08-16  A wild crazy man receives his right mind