The End of Time  (Gideon 2)

                                                    1.  A CLEAR ENDTIMES PROPHECY… VISIBLY COMING TO PASS
                                                    2.  REVIVAL IS IN THE WIND IN AMERICA, (Gideon, part 2)
                                                    3.  PROPHESIED TRUTH: WE ARE BEING THRESHED”AS ONE MAN”

                                                    4.  STRONG DELUSION

                                                    5.  A BIG-PICTURE TWO THOUSAND YEAR PERSPECTIVE
                                                    6.  THE RAPTURE OF THE THREE HUNDRED (Judg 7:8), THE MAN CHILD (Rev 12:5)

                                                    7.  HE LOOKED FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS, BUT BEHOLD, A CRY

                                                    8. THE VISIBLE ARMOR OF SATAN VERSUS THE INVISIBLE ARMOR OF GOD

                                                    9. LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE, AFTER OUR LIKENESS
                                                  10. YOU ARE GOD’S GARDEN OF DELIGHT
                                                  11. AN ALLEGORICAL TREATMENT OF THE TWO SONS: LAW AND GRACE
                                                  12. YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO BE A GREAT SHINING STAR IN THE UNIVERSE
                                                  13. WHERE ARE THE WOMEN IN HEAVEN?
                                                  14. ALAS, WE BE EMPTY TEMPLES
                                                  15. TYPES AND SHADOWS
                                                  16. BARACK OBAMA IS THE LONG-AWAITED ANTICHRIST.
                                                  17. NIMROD’S PEOPLE ARE BUILDING A CITY, A TOWER (A TEMPLE) AGAIN
                                                  18. THE ROAD TO EMMAUS IS PAVED WITH REASON
                                                  19. JEW, PROPHET, CHRIST-MESSIAH
                                                  20. CHARITY (Gk: agape; love) SHALL COVER THE MULTITUDE OF SINS
                                                  21. COMING SOON: ONE FOLD, AND ONE SHEPHERD
                                                  22. AN EXAMPLE OF LOVE,
                                                  23. WHAT IS THE WORD OF GOD, EXACTLY?
                                                  24. PURGING THE VINE
                                                  25. THE WAY OF THE TREE OF LIFE
                                                  26. “INTO” IS A LITTLE WORD WITH A VERY BIG MEANING
                                                  27. MOSES WAS A CONSUMING FIRE.
                                                  28. THE DAVID AND GOLIATH PROPHESY
                                                  29. ANGEL SPEAK
                                                  30. OUR RESURRECTION FROM DROWSY SLEEP UNTO BRIGHT AWAKENNESS
                                                  31. FIRST THE NATURAL, THEN THE SPIRITUAL (1 Cor 15:46)
                                                  32. THE FIRST RESURRECTION INTO “THE SONS OF GOD”
                                                  33. LOT’S ESCAPE FROM SODOM IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF “THE RAPTURE”
                                                  34. THE LONG-AWAITED BIRTH OF THE MAN CHILD IS UPON US
                                                  35. WATCH THE WORLD ALWAYS, FOR YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE GRAVE DANGER
                                                  36. THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE FOUGHT AGAINST JERUSALEM “SHALL CONSUME AWAY”
                                                  37. THE CHURCH  INSIDE THE TABERNACLE
                                                  38. THE GREAT TRIBULATION (or the next 3 ½ years in microcosm)
                                                  39. THE GREAT TRIBULATION, FROM A HEAVENLY POINT-OF-VIEW
                                                  40. THE REWARD OF THE WICKED: A LOFTY PREVIEW
                                                  41. THE RHEMA OF GOD IN LOGOS APPAREL
                                                  42. THE ANNOUNCEMENT AND THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST
                                                  43. THE REVELATION OF CHRIST’S APPEARANCE
                                                  44. HISTORIC SYMBOLISM OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN CANDLESTICKS
                                                  45. GOLIATH IS THE EPITOME
                                                  46. DWELLING IN THE HOLY PLACE OF THE TABERNACLE,
                                                  47. JUDGMENT MUST BEGIN AT THE HOUSE OF GOD
                                                  48. THE VISIBLE GLORY (THE ANOINTING) OF MY TWO WITNESSES
                                                  49. WE ARE BLESSED TO BE SHITTIM WOOD COVERED INSIDE AND OUTSIDE WITH GOLD
                                                  50. THE O.T. ARCHETYPE (THE FIRST BIBLICAL OCCURANCE) OF “THE RAPTURE”
                                                  51. THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL IS A TEACHING TOOL
                                                  52. EVOLVING FROM OLIVE TREES INTO SOMETHING BEYOND ANGELS
                                                  53. MAKE MY BARN, MY JOY, A BARN OF SALVATION
                                                  54. DIVERS KINDS OF TONGUES AND THE INTERPRETATION (REVELATIONS) THEREOF
                                                  55. THE RESURRECTION:

                                                  56. PROPHECY: OUR DIFFICULT VEXING (PAINFUL) VOYAGE UPON THE SEA OF THIS WORLD                   
                                                        (GALILEE) AND INTO THE PROMISED LAND (HEAVEN) SHALL SOON END PROFITABLY
                                                       FOR GOD AND MAN

                                                  57. HEALING IS A KIND OF, A TYPE AND SHADOW OF, THE PROMISE OF, RESURRECTION
                                                  58. SATAN WAS THE FIRST USED CAR SALESMAN
                                                  59. THE PROPHETIC DREAM OF NEBUCHADNEZZAR,
                                                  60. Pastor D. White
                                                  61. GOD’S SUMMATION OF MANKIND (DANIEL CHAPTER 2)
                                                  62. CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES
                                                  63. HOW WE (REPRESENTED BY NEBUCHADNEZZAR) BECOME BORN-AGAIN,
                                                  64. THE ANTICHRIST IS BEING REVEALED
                                                  65. EVIDENCES OF THE URIM AND THE THUMMIM
                                                  66. UNBELIEVERS ARE INTOXICATED UNTO DEATH BY INGESTING FORBIDDEN FRUIT
                                                  67. PROPHECY: DANIEL, WHO REPRESENTS US,
                                                  68. THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD VS MY EFFORTS
                                                  69. THREE PROPHECIES PRESENTLY BEING FULFILLED EXPERIENTIALLY
                                                  70. FOR MANY ARE CALLED, BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN (Mat 22:14)
                                                  71. AFTER SPIRITUAL TESTING FOR DISCERNMENT
                                                  72. THE MIRACULOUS BATTLE THAT CLOSES THE GREAT TRIBULATION
                                                  73. THE SIGN IS THE ANSWER
                                                  74. THE KEY PARABLE IN THE BIBLE WHICH MAY BE USED TO UNLOCK “ALL PARABLES”
                                                  75. GOD IS GOOD  -  Pastor White (Speaker)
                                                  76. THE BLUEPRINT OF ETERNAL LIFE
                                                  77. WE ARE BUT A HAIRS-BREATH AWAY, FROM THE FIRST WAVE OF WORLD WAR III
                                                  78. THE CUMULATIVE DELUSIONAL EFFECTS OF LYING
                                                  79. STRONG DELUSION IS COMPOSED OF MANY CONVINCING LIES
                                                  80. THE ESCAPE HATCH OF OUR SALVATION
                                                  81.THE ANOINTING, AND THE JOSEPH/BENJAMIN - JESUS/US RELATIONSHIPS  
                                                  82.FOR TRUE CHRISTIANS, IT IS NOT “IF” YOU DRINK THE WATER, BUT “HOW”
                                                  83.WHEN THE GREAT TRIBULATION OCCURS, THE RAPTURE IS IMMINENT
                                                  84.THE GEOGRAPHICAL CODE OF THE RIVER JORDAN
                                                  85. THE "SEED" OF CHRIST IS MATURING INTO "FRUIT"
                                                  86.THE WAR BETWEEN THEM AND US WILL GREATLY INTENSIFY…, AND THEN, VICTORY  
                                                  87. YEP, I’M BELIEVING IN A KIND OF “RAPTURE” (EZEK 37:1-14) REAL SOON
                                                  88. THE TEST OF “OBEDIENCE”EXPOSES ABRAHAM’S GREAT FAITH
                                                  89. John DeVreese Speaks while Rev. Lionel is away
                                                  90. THE WORK OF THE LORD, AND, THE JUDGMENT OF THE LORD
                                                  91. THE ACKNOWLEDGED “LIE OF THE YEAR” AND GUESS WHO SAID IT?
                                                  92. SUPPER IS SERVED:LET NOTHING OF IT REMAIN; DRINK YE ALL OF IT
                                                  93. CHRISTMAS MESSAGE
                                                  94. WE ARE SHEEP BEING HERDED BY THE ANTICHRIST
                                                  95. “HAVE NOT I SENT THEE?”  
                                                  96. FRIEND OR ETERNAL FOE?
                                                  97. ANOTHER PARABLE DEPICTING THE PROCESS OF BEING BORN-AGAIN
                                                  98. THE FIRST DEATH IS BUT BEING BORN AGAIN UNTO ETERNAL LIFE
                                                  99. (A WORK IN PROGRESS) THE BAPTISM OF SALVATION BEGINS WITH JOHN THE BAPTIST’S BAPTISM
                                               100..NEW GODLY INFORMATION LITERALLY BEGS NEW THOUGHTS
                                               101. THE PARABLE OF THE LOST SHEEP, THAT IS RE-COVERED
                                               102. STANDING ON SALVATION; THE AGE OF ACCOUNTABILITY
                                               103. THE FIRST WARNING… CONCERNING THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE
                                               104. THE UNSEEN FOUNDATION OF EVIL
                                               105. OUR THOUGHTS ARE ANGEL, MESSAGES FROM GOD OR SATAN
                                               106. EAGLE SAINTS ARE ASCENDING
                                               107. AWAKE, YOU WHO ARE ABOUT TO BECOME THE SWORD OF THE LORD
                                               108. THE VEIL OF THE TEMPLE WAS RENT IN TWAIN FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM
                                               109. Eat of His broken body, and drink all of His blood.
                                               111. THE ULTIMATE PICTURE OF AN UNSAVED MAN, AND HIS ULTIMATE REGENERATION
                                               113. THE PROPHECY OF DAVID AND GOLIATH WILL BE FULFILLED BY THE DAVID COMPANY (EPH 4:11)
                                               114. BUILDING THE TOWER OF BABEL DESCRIBES OUR GLOBAL WORLD
                                               115. A WARNING TO ALL, FROM THE THRONE OF THE RIGHTEOUS JUDGE
                                               116. FEAR GOD, AND GIVE GLORY TO HIM… FOR THE TIME IS AT HAND
                                               117. INTENSIFICATION: WARS AND RUMOURS OF WARS NOW,
                                               118. THE FOURTH AND FIFTH SEALS, AND THE “WHITE ROBES” IDENTIFICATION
                                               119. THE SIXTH SEAL, THE SECOND COMING OF THE LORD
                                               120. AN OVERVIEW OF THE SIXTH SEAL/RAPTURE/FIRST RESURRECTION 
                                               121. THE SIXTH SEAL/RAPTURE/FIRST RESURECTION ARE ONE
                                               122. THE DAY OF THE LORD… FOR THE UNSAVED AND FOR THE SAVED
                                               123. HOW WE ARE TO LIVE UNTIL OUR LORD RETURNS
                                               124. THE FIRST COMMAND: BE FRUITFUL, AND MULTIPLY (Gen 1:28)
                                               125. THE TIME OF HARVEST IS NOW
                                               126. THE PROPHECY OF THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST
                                               127. PARABLES OF THE KINGDOM
                                               128. LIFE IN THE MILLENNIUM
                                               129. IF ANY MAN HAVE EARS TO HEAR, LET HIM HEAR. (Mark 4:23)
                                               130. SEEDS OF LIFE ETERNAL SOWN IN THE BIBLE BY FATHER GOD
                                               131. FEAR NOT, THE GOOD END COMETH
                                               132. LORD, INCREASE OUR FAITH
                                               133. EACH OF OUR "STALLS" IS IN THE BARN OF JESUS (i.e., THE BIBLE – JOHN 1:14)
                                               134. THE SCENT OF THE WATER