The End Cometh

12-17-23  Michael vs. The Beast

God is building up the Tabernacle of God

An extreme case of demonic possession

Be not deceived

Good versus evil, peace versus violence

The first resurrection a.k.a. the rapture

Thermo-nuclear war prophesied in the Bible

10-29-23  The great tribulation at Mount Carmel (part 2)

The great tribulation at Mount Carmel (part 1)

Unveiling the process and the future of Christianity (part 3)

10-08-23  Unveiling the process and the future of Christianity (part 2)

Unveiling the process and the future of Christianity

Have you received the garments of salvation

Godly things to think about

Love God and you will learn to love thyself

The Revelation of Sin

Burn as christians

Great Tibulation

Let there be light

The great apostasy

Father God's view of his children

Nimrod's weapon of mass destruction was Babel

He restoreth my soul

Man in a Cage

The ladder to the gateway to Heaven

This is your official invatation to become living water

Rapture and great tribulation is happening now

Father God's song of our salvation

The wild-ness sliding scale

05-07-23  Looking forward to the thousand year millennium

A Love Story

Walking in the spirit on the invisible road to Heaven

A Tree of Love

This wild man saw Jesus

The Great Tribulation

03-05-23 Birthing tribulations

Jesus Christ is unveiling

These are the last days of this age

Progressive destruction of the temple of your body

A well of Holy water

About your return to Heaven

The works of God

Unsheathe your sword

The prophecy is happening to us right now

Alien Spirits

The highly significant sign for us

Bless the Lord, Oh my soul

Paul was takin up into the third heaven and so shall we

12-04-22  Whom shall I send

11-27-22  Judge yourself

11-20-22  Yep, we are now being raptured (separated, divorced)

11-13-22  Do you really want a blessing from God?

11-06-22  Worried

10-30-22  Your blessed future

10-16-22  Once an angel, always an angel

10-09-22  Chritians are entering into a great wave of tributlation

10-02-22  Father God's purpose in us

09-25-22  The Sons of God

09-18-22  If your God is a consuming fire

09-04-22  Jesus is coming for!

08-28-22  Father God's knowable purpose

08-21-22  All about your return to God

08-14-22  Angels ascending and descending

08-07-22  God is the pillar of Cloud

07-31-22  The Path "Way" Of Every Christian Disciple to Heaven

07-24-22  I was Blinded

07-17-22  Drink of the living water

07-10-22  Unholy death is about to come upon those who seek it

07-03-22  God's Soldiers are angels. Are you a soldier in the army of God?

06-26-22  Angeles are Thoughts of God

06-19-22  Five Angels

06-12-22  Proclaiming the coming of "A Great People and a Strong"

06-05-22  Our (Great) Restoration, to Eternal Love

05-22-22  My Shepard Loves Me

05-22-22  Hard Times Comming Soon!!

05-15-22  Luke Chapter 15 is entirely about angels

Let us love one another

04-24-22  Love and be loved

04-17-22  God hath provided for you a staircase of his thoughts

I am a clothed thought of God

04-03-22  Patterns of evil power that we now endure

03-27-22  Jesus Christ is the axe head

03-20-22  By the three hundred men that lapped will I save you

03-13-22  A warning of immediate danger

02-27-22  These words express the love of father God, husbandman to wife

02-20-22  Nothing lovely grows in hard ground (Parable Pt 3)

02-13-22  The Path to Heaven is a progression (Parable Pt 2)

02-06-22  The most important Parable in the Bible (Pt 1)

01-30-22  Feared Goliath; false prophet shielded by fake news: the war on belief in God

01-23-22  I Love you
01-16-22  Beloved, now are we The Sons of God (1 John 3:2)

01-09-22  The angels within us shall issue forth as 'The Sons of God' 11X

12-26-21  The last two chapters of the Bible

12-19-21  We are originally the Fruit of God

12-12-21  We are the walking dead; Zombies

12-05-21  We are on a Mission from God as was our Perfect example, Jesus Christ

11-28-21  The centurion's understanding of The Kingdom of God

11-21-21  God is within you; miraculous Power is with you (all)

11-14-21  And He (we) healed them

11-07-21  A reasonable but imperative warning from the Friend of God

10-31-21  The extreme embodiment of the thoughts of unsaved persons, or... SPOOKY STUFF

10-24-21  The Tabernacle is our (saved or unsaved) Grace

10-17-21  Our journey to Heaven will end with our Rapture

10-10-21  The Potter and the clay: God and us

08-29-21  The Field of the Slouthful

08-22-21  Look to your future

The great tribulation is about to be upon us

The education of a prophet

08-01-21  Guarding the garden of God's thoughts

07-25-21  Follow the Fire

07-18-21  How do UFO's relate to the bible?

07-11-21  The first day of the world

07-04-21  Christianity is God's rehabilitation, for angels Pt2

06-27-21  Christianity is God's rehabilitation, for angels Pt1

06-20-21  I will go down now and see

06-13-21  Your redemption draweth nigh, really

06-06-21  You are the sword of the Lord

05-30-21  The most significant crucial and vital parable in the bible

05-23-21  The parable of the fallen angels

05-16-21  God has Sent

05-09-21  The summary of my present understanding (Revelations)

05-02-21  Angels travers our rungs of our ladder to God

04-25-21  Imminent End-Time Events

04-18-21  Strong delusion vs. Law & order

04-11-21  Sheep don't speak, but shepherds do, with power!!

04-04-21  The past is your future; (History repeats itself)

03-28-21  The abomination of desolation initiates the great tribulation

03-21-21  Angels are us bringing light out of darkness

03-14-21  Division and Jesus answered 3 questions (part 2)

03-07-21  Division and Jesus answered 3 questions (part 1)

02-28-21  This message has the power to save your life

02-21-21  Revelations are the steps of a ladder to heaven

02-14-21  The impending nuclear holocaust

02-07-21  A Metaphorical depiction of your grave

01-31-21  Strong delusion

01-24-21  The weapons of our warfare are our tongues

01-17-21  Yup, they are wearing out the saints

01-10-21  Drink ye the water (Bible), and enjoy the wine

01-03-21  I am a fallen angel, and so are you

12-27-20  You are the only sign of this 42nd generation

12-25-20  Christmas Eve The sign of your restoration, celebrated as Christmas Eve

12-20-20  Attaining authority to rule the kingdom of God/Heaven that is INSIDE OF YOU

12-13-20  The spiritual process of becoming a Christian

12-06-20  Awake Samson! The Philistines be upon thee!

11-29-20  We are (literally) entertaining angels unawares, everyday

11-22-20  Potentially, we each are a well of life-giving water

11-15-20  We are becoming His eternal word

11-08-20  Fallen Trees And Felled Trees

11-01-20  Beloved, now are we the sons of God

10-25-20  Biblically, you are a tree of life or a tree of death

10-18-20  Judging angels necessitates a sound mind

10-11-20  The Promise of his coming and our returning unto God

10-04-20  War in heaven symbolized by great tribulation on earth

09-27-20  You are not your body, the real you is an eternal spirit

09-20-20  We are wounded spirits, exposed

09-13-20  A sign of the last time:  Many  antichrists=strong delusion ("a lying spirit")

09-06-20  You are an Angel; are you a perversion of God's thoughts

08-30-20  You were/are an eternal Spirit, an angel

08-23-20  Much People in Heaven

08-16-20  A love story: Jesus and Christ = David and Abigail

08-09-20  And God created the angel to love and the waster to destroy

08-02-20  You are a type and shadow of what you shall be

07-26-20  Where is the kingdom of God/Heaven?

07-19-20  Our walk, our journey to heaven is almost complete

07-12-20  Being bound in the bundle of life with the Lord thy God

07-05-20  Disagreeing with God will get you what?

06-28-20  Graduation Matt 25: The Kingdom Trilogy, part 3b

06-21-20  MATT 25: The Kingdom Trilogy, Part 3a, Graduation

06-14-20  Matt 25: The Kingdom Trilogy, (training for eternity) Previously misnamed "The End of Days Trilogy" part 2, Works

06-07-20  Matt: 25 The end of days trilogy - part 1

05-31-20  The second coming of Jesus Christ in topology

05-24-20  For the sons of God

05-10-20  The angels were wounded with blindness; (The absense of perception)

05-03-20  The salvation event itself: coming out of prison (thrice told)

04-26-20  Be full of care what you take into your body

04-19-20  Shepherds, are you ready?; the man child is about to be delivered

04-12-20  The rapture and the first resurrection

04-05-20  Ye are Equal unto the Angels

03-29-20  Is Revelation 18 prophesying the doom of New York City?

03-22-20  Fighting fear (Goliath) in the last days

03-15-20  A way to escape

03-08-20  The poetry of unrequited (unreturned) love

03-01-20  Holy Angels are a consuming fire; fallen angels are water

02-23-20  On being "Raptured" (A Process)

02-16-20  Be not deceived

02-09-20  Fishing for fisherman

02-02-20  Eating of the tree of life; death without eating

01-26-20  An extended metaphor of our entire Christian life

01-19-20  Moving water symbolizes the Holy Spirit and the Word of God

01-12-20  Fallen angels, and the light

01-05-20  We are children growing up, expanding, maturing, fitting into the armor of God