The End Cometh

 01-05-20  We are children growing up, expanding, maturing, fitting into the armor of God

01-12-20  Fallen angels, and the light

01-19-20  Moving water symbolizes the Holy Spirit and the Word of God

01-26-20  An extended metaphor of our entire christion life

02-02-20  Eating of the tree of life; death without eating

02-09-20  Fishing for fisherman

02-16-20  Be not deceived

02-23-20  On being "Raptured" (A Process)

03-01-20  Holy Angels are a consuming fire; fallen angels are water

03-08-20  The poetry of unrequitted (unreturned) love

03-15-20  A way to excape

03-22-20  Fighting fear (Goliath) in the last days

03-29-20  Is Revelation 18 prophesying the doom of New York City?

04-05-20  Ye are Equal unto the Angels

04-12-20  The rapture and the first resurrection

04-19-20  Shepherds, are you ready?; the man child is about to be delivered

04-26-20  Be full of care what you take into your body

05-03-20  The salvation event itself: coming out of prison (thrice told)

05-10-20  The angels were wounded with blindness; (The abcense of perception)

05-24-20  For the sons of God

05-31-20  The second comming of Jesus Christ in topology

06-07-20  Matt: 25 The end of days trilogy - part 1

06-14-20  Matt 25: The Kingdom Trilogy, (training for eternity) Previously misnamed "The End of Days Trilogy" part 2, Works

06-21-20  MATT 25: The Kingdom Trilogy, Part 3a, Graduation

06-28-20  Graduation Matt 25: The Kingdom Trilogy, part 3b

07-05-20  Disagreeing with God will get you what?

07-12-20  Being bound in the bundle of life with the Lord thy God

07-19-20  Our walk, our journey to heaven is almost complete

07-26-20  Where is the kindom of Goe/Heaven?

08-02-20  You are a type and shaddow of what you shall be

08-09-20  And God created the angel to love and the waster to destroy

08-16-20  A love story: Jesus and Christ = David and Abigail

08-23-20  Much People in Heaven

08-30-20  You were/are an enternal Spirit, an angel

09-06-20  You are an Angel; are you a perversion of God's thoughts

09-13-20  A sign of the last time:  Many  antichrists=strong delusion ("a lying spirit")

09-20-20  We are wounded spirits, exposed

09-27-20  You are not your body, the real you is an eternal spirit

10-04-20  War in heaven symolized by great tribulation on earth

10-11-20  The Promise of his comming and our returning unto God

10-18-20  Judging angels necessitates a sound mind

10-25-20  Biblically, you are a tree of life or a tree of death

11-01-20  Beloved, now are we the sons of God

11-08-20  Fallen Trees And Felled Trees

11-15-20  We are becoming His eternal word

11-22-20  Potentially, we each are a well of life-giving water

11-29-20  We are (literally) entertaining angels unawares, everyday

12-06-20  Awake Samson! The Phillistines be upon thee!

12-13-20  The spiritual process of becoming a christian

12-20-20  Attaining authority to rule the kingdom of God/Heaven that is INSIDE OF YOU

Christmas Eve The sign of your restoration, celebrated as Christmas Eve

12-27-20  You are the only sign of this 42nd generation

01-03-21  I am a fallen angel, and so are you

01-10-21  Drink ye the water (Bible), and enjoy the wine

01-17-21  Yup, they are wearing out the saints

01-24-21  The weapons of our warefare are our tongues

01-31-21  Strong delusion

02-07-21  A Metaphorical depiction of your grave

02-14-21  The impending nuclear holocaust

02-21-21  Revelations are the steps of a ladder to heaven

02-28-21  This message has the power to save your life

03-07-21  Division and Jesus answered 3 questions (part 1)

03-14-21  Division and Jesus answered 3 questions (part 2)

03-21-21  Angels are us bringing light out of darness

03-28-21  The abomination of desolation initiates the great tribulation

04-04-21  The past is your future; (History repeats itself)

04-11-21  Sheep don't speak, but sheperds do, with power!!

04-18-21  Strong delusion vs. Law & order

04-25-21  Imminet End-Time Events

05-02-21  Angels travers our rungs of our ladder to God